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Vitamin D and Municipality

The municipality has made a remarkable effort to spread the culture of walking among the inhabitants of Riyadh by spreading the fields and places of walking in gardens and neighborhoods, and this effort has to be thanked.

I would like to continue this effort because we have observed through statistics in recent studies that obesity unlike other chronic diseases has maintained its rate and did not increase during the past three years as the studies indicated.

Therefore, from this point of view,  I would like to clarify its importance and emphasis on pedestrian corridors and bridges especially dangerous highways, And on the road leading to Al-Kharj after exit (17) through the marine housing where the passers-by have to risk their lives to cross, especially on Friday to move to the mosque in other areas.

For example, it is interesting to note that the representative of the World Diabetes Health was visiting the Kingdom to attend a conference. We had to visit a hospital on the opposite side of the conference and we took him half an hour by car, less than 150 meters away. This is the reason for your high obesity. If there were walkways we had to walk.

Therefore, I hope and suggest to adopt this and increase the pedestrian bridges in these roads, especially the roads of Riyadh in general, and the opportunity for businessmen to contribute to this because it is part of charity and paid work.

The question may be related to the relationship of vitamin D to this subject, and this is the crux of the matter for us, which he hoped after the approval of the establishment of these bridges to be exposed to the sun to be of great interest:

1. Reduce accidents and facilitate pedestrian crossing.

2. Encourage everyone to walk.

3-increase vitamin D.

As the exposure of these bridges to the sun in ways that contribute to the increase in the rate of vitamin D in people and there is no doubt that each of these points above the most important, especially since the proportion of vitamin D deficiency in Saudi society is very high.

Supervisor of the chair of Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah for the research of biomarkers of osteoporosis

Nasser bin Mohammed Al-Daghri

Professor in Biochemistry department - Faculty of Science

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:34am