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List of Thesis supervised by Prof. Nasser Al-Daghri within King Saud University

Thesis Title

Type of supervision

Student Name


Altered Plasma Adipocytokine  and Inflammatory  Biomarkers in Obese Hypertensive Saudi Adult Patients

Joint supervision - Assiut University - Egypt

Lutfi Saeed Bindahman

1428 - 1434 H


Dietary risk factors for type 2 diabetes in Saudi Arabia

Joint supervision - Warwick University - UK

Lena Ghassan Al-Khudairy

1432 - 1435 H


A dietary in tetrventional study moderating fat intake in Saudi subjects with metabolic disease

Joint supervision - Warwick University - UK

Dara Assad Al-Disi

1432 - 1436 H


Compare 25 hydroxy vitamin D Levels in Osteoporosis and healthy Saudi Arabian Woman. It also seeks to investigate the relation between 25(OH)D and dietary intake, Vitamin d levels,serum calcium, and serum phosphorous will be measured in the study.

Joint Supervision - Dietetics, School of Public Health and Social Work, Florida International University

Abeer Hussain Al-Safi

1432 - 1435 H


The development of a novel anthropometric tool for assessing overweight and obesity in Saudi adult population

Joint Supervision - University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Reem Suliman Al-Bassam

1435 - 1438 H


Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnant Women and its Association with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

Joint supervision - Warwick University - UK

Sara Ibrahim Al-Musharaf

1435 - 1438 H


Vitamin D receptor polymorphism and the risk of Gestational diabetes in Saudi pregnant women

Joint Supervision - University of Massachusetts, USA

Misa Hekmat Al-Zaem

1435 - 1439 H


Identification of Novel Education Models to Improve Health Outcomes in People with Pre-Diabetes

Joint Supervision - University of Nottingham, UK

Rasha Yousef Al-Hamdan

1439 - Present


The Genetic Control of Adipokine Levels

Joint supervision - Georgia Technical Institute - Georgia - USA

Khaled Abdulrahman Alhomimdy

1439 - Present


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