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Jacques Dumont

Prof. Jacques Dumont


  • Founding Director of the Multidisciplinary Research Institute (IRIBHM), University of Brussels.
  • Honorary Professor at the University of Brussels.
  • Head of Department of Diabetes and Endocrine-Thyroid (since 16 November 2005)
  • One of the pioneers in cell signaling research in Europe.
  • One of the pioneers in the study of the biology of the thyroid gland in the world.
  • Among his recent achievements are the identification of mutations in TSH receptors
His research interests include:
  • Research on control of signal transfer in thyroid cells.
  • Cell proliferation.
  • Reproduction of specific thyroid genes.
  • Patterns of gene expression in the normal thyroid gland and  with cancer.
  • Thyroid cancer and its genetic pathways and tumor.
  • Goiter.
  • Mechanical hypoxia and selenium toxicity and its consequences.


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